Title bars are used on every page of the website except the homepage.

Hub Pages

Live Site Example: Classes and Community

Overview Pages

Live Site Example: Careers and Guild Association Resources and Tools

First Overview Page Within a Section

Secondary Overview Page

Interior Pages

Live Site Example: About the Guild Association and Craniosynostosis

With Secondary Navigation

Learn more about options and guidelines for secondary navigation.

No Secondary Navigation

Usage Notes and Guidelines: All Pages

  • Match the title bar text as close as possible the the page title, which is the piece of meta data that appears in browser tabs and as the title of a page search results. The title bar is one of the first things a person sees and reassures them they have come to the right page if the title bar and page title match.
  • Always use primary keywords in the title bar that are related to the main topic of the page.
  • Keep title bar text as short as possible. A good rule to follow is keeping the length of text to one line in desktop view, about 25 to 30 characters including spaces.
  • A subhead is added to the to the title bar for Secondary Overview Pages and all Interior Pages. The subhead should match the title bar of the section a specific page is in. (Example: In the Secondary Overview screenshot above, the Resources and Tools page is within the Guild Association section.)


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