When creating content for the main body of web pages, there are four standard headers you can use in various combinations. These headers appear after the main title bar of a page and are useful for prioritizing content and making text easy to read and scan.

Usage Guidelines

  • The first header on a page should either be the Heading 2 (.green-header) or the Heading 2 regular header. Never use headings 3 or 4 as the first on the page. When using both a Heading 2 (.green-header) and a regular Heading 2 on a page, the green header should come first.
  • When using headers to prioritize content, think of the heading numbers as the hierarchy of information on the page. Sometimes you will only need a Heading 2 on a page, sometimes you will need Headings 2, 3 and 4. You can use as many headings as needed, just make sure they are used in descending order of information.
  • Put key search terms in headers when possible. Search engines weight the words in headers as important. So, the more keywords used in headers related to the content they talk about, the better search results you will get for that page. Just don’t overdo the use of keywords where the readability of your page is diminished. Learn more about how to write for search.

Expandable Accordions

Three styles of expandable accordions are available for using headings to condense longer pages of content, create a list of frequently asked questions or make clearer calls to action.


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