A consent form is required for all Seattle Children’s photoshoots, video shoots, audio recordings, interviews, and any interaction that captures resources on behalf of any individual. These forms legally ensure that Seattle Children’s has the authorized right to fully utilize all materials gathered, in a HIPAA compliant way.

We have several different forms, depending on your usage. All can be downloaded directly from CHILD.

General Patient Release: Please use this form when sharing and HIPAA protected information like a diagnosis. This form clearly states that there will be no compensation for sharing their story or image.

Specialty Patient Release: Please use this form when sharing any HIPAA protected information AND there is some sort of patient appreciation or compensation offered in gratitude.

Non-Patient Release: This is for any images or interviews without HIPAA information. This form is used when working with parents, providers and other general community members.

Creative Works Release: This form should be used when requesting usage of artwork.

If you have any questions about which form you should use, email brand@seattlechildrens.org.

To aid Seattle Children’s stakeholders in walking signees (patients/families, providers and the workforce) through the consent form process, see below.

Download a step-by-step guide to walk participants through the consent form.

With the signee:

  • Walk the signee through what the consent form is and how it will be used, ensuring that each person has an understanding of the following: (1) A consent form gives permission to Seattle Children’s to utilize resources captured (photography, videography, interviews) of the signee and/or their family; (2) By signing this form, the signee agrees to the terms of the consent form; and (3) This includes agreeing to the vehicles in which the resources could be featured on and reiterating that this will all be done in a HA compliant way.
  • Ask if the individual would like a copy of the signed consent form for their records.
  • Before concluding the conversation, ask if there are any other questions.

After walking through the document:

  • After the signee has been walked through the consent form, they can either sign in person or utilize DocuSign, where they can sign virtually.
  • Whether signing in person or virtually, please make sure that the “For Children’s Office Use” is filled out prior to the official signature.
  • Regardless of the avenue in which they sign, please ensure that a digital copy of the signed consent form is sent to brand@seattlechildrens.org for upload to Bynder, the digital storage system.