Seattle Children’s is a master brand and has a single logo, emphasizing our brand and our promise to help every child live the healthiest and most fulfilling life possible. Having one brand and one logo signals that we are one team with one mission and one vision. The clinical care we provide and the cures we discover through research are supported by our generous community. None of these three core functions could exist alone and all have an equal impact on the health of the children we serve. Therefore, the words Hospital, Research and Foundation are an integral part of the Seattle Children’s logo when speaking to an audience outside of the organization.

Because Seattle Children’s is a master brand, with one logo, there are no sub-brands and no other logos are to be developed or used.

In rare cases, exceptions may be considered when there are extenuating circumstances such as legal partnerships, but all exceptions must be approved by Marketing and Communications at

Logo Spacing

Use the baby whale in the Seattle Children’s icon as a guide, always leave spacing surrounding the logo that is at least the same height as the baby whale.

Seattle Children’s logo downloads

Click to download the images below. If you need a different file format, please email

Download the white/reverse logo

Animated logo

Click here to download the Seattle Children’s animated logo for use in video.

Click here to download the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic animated logo.

Alternate logo

There are some occasions where the Seattle Children’s brand is stronger without the subtext of “Hospital Research Foundation.” Scenarios where these logos are best include:

  • Digital ads, merchandise and apparel when readability is an issue (below a 9pt font).
  • Regional clinic advertising

If you have questions, please email

Lock-up Logos

There are several lock-up logos available. If the logo you are looking for is not found below, or you need it in a different format, please email

OBCC Lock-up