Acceptable Usage

An important part of the Seattle Children’s graphic identity is the use of clean, consistent typography. These typefaces should be used for Seattle Children’s newsletters, brochures, advertisements, reports, certificates, flyers, invitations and publications.


Gotham: 1st Choice

Gotham is the preferred and official Seattle Children’s font. It is available to all Seattle Children’s employees, however you may have to call IT Help Desk at 7-1111 to have it installed on your computer. If you are making any public-facing collateral, we highly recommend you work with IT to get this font installed to work with. Anyone working with InDesign should have this font on their computer. If you only occasionally create collateral and mostly work in Word, see choice 2.

Gotham Family:

Montserrat: 2nd Choice

Montserrat is amazingly similar to Gotham. Can you see the difference? Hint, look at the dots on the i’s and j’s – also the G’s and Q’s. Otherwise, they are almost identical twins. It even has a more robust family of fonts than Gotham. For this reason, Montserrat is our second choice — plus, Montserrat is a free Google font. Anyone can download it and install it on their computer. It’s a font you can use without a license. Because of this, it loads faster online and is what we use on our website.

Montserrat Family

Arial: 3rd Choice

If you don’t make much collateral for Seattle Children’s, your fliers or publications are not public facing, and you just want a quick and easy font, you’re in luck: Arial is already on your computer. It’s a simple sans serif font that can be used to make fast fliers for an internal audience. It doesn’t have the same variety in the font family, but what it does have is simple and gets the job done.

Arial Family

Font Guidelines