Co-branding with other organizations can be a complex process, both creatively and legally. Because of this, we ask that internal business owners email before entering into any co-branding partnership/agreement.

As a general rule, the following steps must be taken before any co-branding goes to market:

  1. A formal agreement must be in place and be approved by Legal. Ideally, that agreement includes guidance on branding/co-branding. Note: If it’s a clinical partnership, it should be run through the affiliate branding matrix (see below).
  2. A risk assessment has been conducted on the other entity (this is typically done by the Risk department).
  3. Any creative/co-branding has been run by Brand for approval.

Affiliate Branding

As there are several clinical affiliations in place across Seattle Children’s, it’s critical Children’s has a strategy and standard work in place for determining marketing, communications and branding for each affiliation.

This will ensure Children’s is consistent in its support levels, and that it can govern its affiliates’ disclosure of information about the collaboration as well as affiliates’ use of Seattle Children’s mark.

Seattle Children’s Affiliate Branding Framework

Affiliate Branding Support Matrix

MarComm Language for All Contracts Involving Seattle Children’s Clinical Collaborators

When developing external marketing and communications materials (i.e. press releases, web content, brochures, social media content, videos, etc.) that will highlight Seattle Children’s, the following must apply:

  • Brand Application: Use of Seattle Children’s brand visually and in written form must be documented in writing at the start of the agreement.
  • Inclusion of Seattle Children’s: The relationship between Seattle Children’s and xx must be stated in marketing and communications materials. If an expert from Seattle Children’s is included, their Seattle Children’s title, and UW titles if applicable*, must also be included.
  • Review and Approval: Seattle Children’s Marketing & Communications team must be made aware of external marketing and communications activities involving the Seattle Children’s brand/name and Seattle Children’s collaboration with xx, and Seattle Children’s must have the opportunity to review any external marketing and communications materials that include Seattle Children’s before distribution. Seattle Children’s requires a minimum of 5 business days for the review to occur. Email
  • Use: This process applies to all new marketing and communications materials that are developed. This process aligns with Seattle Children’s corporate endorsement policy.

Seattle Children’s must be given 10 business days prior notice before the relationship with xx is discussed/disclosed at external speaking events such as conferences and industry roundtable discussions. Seattle Children’s reserves the right to require its brand/name to be removed from discussion/disclosure in these forums.

All requests to use the Seattle Children’s mark (name or logo) must be made at least 10 business days prior to intended use. The Seattle Children’s mark cannot be used without explicit permission from Seattle Children’s.

*If there is license and if the individual has UW appointment, it will always be applicable

Co-Branding Examples

Benefiting Logo

When the efforts of an outside entity or guild are being donated to Seattle Children’s (monetary or otherwise), the “Benefiting” logo may be used.