To make creating flyers, posters, documents and PowerPoints easier, MarComm has created templates that are available from any location with a network connection!

How do I access the branded templates? 

From an SC@Work device desktop:

Launch an Office application from the Start menu and click the File tab. In the New section, you will see Office and SCH tabs. Click the SCH tab and select the template you’d like to use. 

From a VDI:

From the VDI desktop, you’ll need to launch Word, PowerPoint, or Excel for Microsoft 365 Desktop App. To do so, type “Word,” “PowerPoint,” or “Excel” into the Search bar and then select the App when it appears in the Start Menu. Once the application is launched, the templates are available in the “New” dialog as with the apps installed on local devices. 

From Browser Based-Apps

In the browser-based apps, templates are only currently supported in the PowerPoint app and are accessible from the PowerPoint dashboard in To access the Seattle Children’s-branded PowerPoint templates, click the PowerPoint icon in and then click “Seattle Children’s Templates