Promotional Items

Giveaway or promotional items such as pins, hats, T-shirts, etc. can be very useful in raising awareness about your project or event. However, there also needs to be a clear objective or purpose for developing such items, and a budget allocation.

When choosing promo products, please keep in mind how the Seattle Children’s logo will be imprinted on your item(s). According to brand standards, under ideal printing conditions, the smallest allowable size for a horizontal logo is 1-9/16″ wide x 1/4″ high. The smallest allowable size for a vertical logo is 1-1/8″ wide x 9/16″ high. Any smaller and the clarity of the logo may be lost. That said, these dimensions may vary widely depending on the material, fabric or even color of the item the logo is being printed on. Also, please keep in mind that technologies such as embroidery, embossing, silkscreening, etc. may dictate other necessary changes in logo dimensions or colors.

In short, “the devil is in the details,” and mistakes can be costly and time consuming. If you have any questions or need guidance on purchasing promotional items, please call Karen Plut, Brand and Production Coordinator, at 206-987-7072. In general, allow four to six weeks for design and production of promotional items.

Promotional Items

Logo Apparel

Contact Karen Plut to discuss options, vendors and pricing for logo apparel. Please allow at least two months of lead time for design and production.



Seattle Children’s lanyards are used by our Security Department to identify parents and staff members. The creation of any additional lanyards is prohibited. Please call Karen Plut at 206-987-7072 to discuss options.