To add or change your email signature

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. From the upper menu, select “New E-mail”
  3. Choose the “Insert” tab
  4. Click on “Signature”, then in the drop-down “Signatures”
  5. Click on “New,” enter a name for your new signature and click “OK.”
  6. Copy and paste the text into the in email signature template to the lower box area, customize it with your own information, then “Save” the changes.
  7. Select the name you chose for this new signature in the “Choose default signature” field. Select the name you chose for this new signature in “New messages” (drop down) and, if desired, the “Replies/forwards” drop-down menus.
  8. Select “OK” at the bottom of the window to save changes.
  9. Return to your email. Compose and send or just close. Your new signature will be placed automatically on all future emails, according to the parameters you choose. Or you can insert it manually by clicking on the Signature icon and choosing the correct signature from the drop-down menu.
  10. Note: Although Gotham is our preferred corporate identity font, its design makes it incompatible with the small size of an email signature. We find Arial (our secondary font) is much better suited to this purpose.
  11. Finally, the social media icons (with links attached) are provided but are not mandatory.

Enlarged Example

If you somehow lose the links, you can relink them to:

Adding your photo to Microsoft Outlook

Adding your photo to Outlook’s “People Panel” makes your photo visible to a recipient(s) any time you send or are included in the delivery of an email. Whether you add a photo or not is entirely up to you, but many people say it helps make daily communications more personal, as it allows you and your contacts to “put a face with a name.” Note: Please remember that once you add your photo, it will be visible to anyone using Microsoft Outlook inside or outside of the Seattle Children’s system.

Photo Guidelines

Photos must be a “head shot”, mainly shoulders and above. Photos must convey professionalism (no weird faces, beverage containers, or pet photos allowed). Remember, your photo may be seen by anyone using Outlook, and you are a representative of Seattle Children’s.


  1. In Microsoft Outlook, go to the “File” tab at the top.
  2. Choose “Info” from the menu on the left.
  3. Under “account settings,” next to the chiclet, you’ll see a URL. Click on it.
  4. On the right side of the page that opens, you’ll see your name with a small triangle. Click the triangle.
  5. This will drop down a blank photo placeholder. Click on the word “Change” underneath it.
  6. In the new window, browse to find the photo you wish to use or click the “x” to delete your photo.
  7. Click “Save” and close out, back to your Inbox
  8. You may need to close down Outlook and reopen it for your photo to appear.

Inserting a logo into your email signature

Click on the logo you want to use from below. This will open the logo in another window.

From that window, right click on the logo and “Save Picture As” to a location where you can find it on your computer. Save as a .jpg file.

  1. Go to the logo location. Right-click on the file name and choose “Copy.”
  2. In Outlook, open a new email
  3. Go to Insert/Signature/Signatures/E-mail Signature Tab
  4. In the box labeled “Select signature to edit,” click on the signature you wish to change.

Note: If you have multiple signatures for different uses (i.e. internal vs. external) you’ll have to change each separately.Click on your signature (in “Edit signature” box) where you want the logo to go and Paste (right click paste or “Control V”).

  1. Click on the signature where you want the logo to appear.
  2. Right-click and “Paste. The logo should appear.
  3. Click “OK” and close email, saying “Yes” to saving the changes
  4. You can resize the logos once you say “yes,” then copy and paste the new size, starting again with step 3.

Adding the U.S. News and World Report Badge to your signature

Seattle Children’s has once again been rated one of the Nation’s Best Children’s Hospitals in Ten Specialties by U.S. News and World Report! Show your pride by adding the USN&WR badge to your email signature. Simply use the logo lockup below as described above. Then place it into your email signature as indicated in the layout below.

Layout suggestion:

Adding the “How to help during COVID-19” message to your signature

Seattle Children’s is so grateful for the outpouring of support we’ve received from our workforce, organizations and the community during this time. By adding the How You Can Help During COVID link to your email, you can help communicate Childrens’ greatest needs and help answer frequently asked questions.

Simply copy and paste the link below into your email signature(s). Make it stand out more by adding color or making the text bold.


If the link is broken, you can reconnect it to:

Inserting pronouns into your email signature

It is not required, but if you would like to add your pronouns to your email signature, please feel free to do so. The verbiage should be in a single line of type, 8 pt. Gotham Book simply stating your preference.

For example:
“Pronouns he/him.”
“Pronouns she/her.” or,
“Pronouns they/them.”

Questions? Email