Meaningful and realistic photography plays a key role in communicating the essence of Seattle Children’s brand story. Consider balancing diversity of gender, age and race when creating and selecting photography.

Seattle Children’s photography is divided into the following four conceptual styles:

1. Real People

Focus on capturing the person as the dominant subject: candid, black and white, full-color and straightforward.

2. In the Moment

Focus on life outside of the hospital: kids’ activities, aspirational views – optimistic, emotive and results oriented

3. Care in Action

Focus on practitioners: doctors and nurses performing procedures; focus on kids: children as patients.

4. Forward Focus

Focus on medical technology, research and equipment; focus on experts: doctors and people behind the scene, data and development.


Photography Misuse

Observe the following restrictions when selecting, commissioning and using photography:

Photography Misuse

Photography Access

Media Library

The Seattle Children’s Marketing and Communications Department maintains a Media Library containing images of patients, families, providers, community members, buildings, etc. These images may be used in Children’s communications such as PowerPoint presentations, flyers, posters and newsletters.

You can access the Media Library with your Children’s username and password by clicking the link below. You can download instructions as well. Please email if you have any questions.

Access the Seattle Children’s Media Library.


Scheduling a Photo Shoot

To obtain quality, new photography, please contact MarComm at We have access to both staff and freelance photographers. The decision to schedule a photo shoot is dependent upon a number of factors including budgets, timeline, workload, existing photography and project priorities.

Please note: In order to make the most of Seattle Children’s limited photography resources, MarComm keeps copies of selected photos from each photo shoot for use in future projects and collateral.

Patient and Non-Patient Consent Forms

All patient photography (still and video photography) requires the permission of parents and guardians for patients 17 and under. The parent or legal guardian must sign an Authorization for Use or Disclosure of PHI (Protected Health Information) form before photography occurs.

Adults and hospital staff must sign the Photo/Video Image Release form (English or Spanish) before being photographed. Find these forms on CHILD or contact Chris Misdom at