Patterns add variety and visual interest to the graphic identity, and help create an expression unique to Seattle Children’s. Due to the technical format of these patterns, they are not for general use. However, patterns may be used in instances where they are already embedded, such as our templated PowerPoint slides (see: Resources and Templates, PowerPoint Presentation), and the headers that are available below. For use in other products or formats, please contact


The options below are the only three patterns that may be used. They must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Each pattern contains a set of three circles that should be visually cropped on two or three sides.
  • The patterns may be used in color on white backgrounds and reversed out of dark backgrounds and photography with ample clear space.
  • In large applications, such as a folder or magazine, the patterns may be used as a tint of the background color.

Pattern 1


Microsoft Word Headers

Below are three different header pattern choices, using three of our brand colors: Green, Orange and Blue.

The headers are available for download in the Flyer Templates section of the guidelines.

Unlike resizing a photo, the header files should not be scaled smaller or larger, because the patterns in the header will become distorted and detract from the Seattle Children’s brand.

Pattern 1 Header

Download Blue Header of Pattern 1

Download Dark Blue Header of Pattern 1

Download Orange Header of Pattern 1

Download Green Header for Pattern 1

Pattern 2 Header

Download Blue Header of Pattern 2

Download Dark Blue Header of Pattern 2

Download Orange Header of Pattern 2

Download Green Header of Pattern 2

Pattern 3 Header

Download Blue Header of Pattern 3

Download Dark Blue Header of Pattern 3

Download Orange Header of Pattern 3

Download Green Header of Pattern 3

Changing and creating headers with rounded corners in Microsoft Word

Replace a current pattern header:

  • Open the flyer template
  • Double-click the current header to open the Header and Footer Tools
  • Click the header to select it
  • Under the Text Box Tools tab, click “Format”
  • Click the “Shape Fill” arrow, and then click “Picture…”
  • Browse your files, select the header you downloaded, and then click “Insert”


A reminder about headline style:

An important part of the Seattle Children’s graphic identity is the use of clean, consistent typography. These typefaces should be used for Seattle Children’s newsletters, brochures, advertisements, reports, certificates, flyers, invitations and publications.

The way fonts and typography are used are also important to Seattle Children’s branding. With rare exceptions (that should be approved by Brand and Production), Children’s typography style should be Sentence Case. This means that headlines should start with a capital letter, with subsequent words starting in lower-case letter, unless they are a proper noun. If there is a colon in the headline, the series is restarted, with the first word after the colon being capitalized and subsequent words in lower-case.

“ALL CAPS” give the impression that you are screaming at the reader, and that’s not the impression we want to leave with our internal or external audiences. Exclamation marks (which give the same effect) are also not part of our usual brand.


Correct: For not-quite-emergencies and can’t-wait-’til-tomorrows.

Correct: Until cancer ends, our work continues.

Correct: Our goal: Lifelong remission.


Incorrect: HOPE. CARE. CURE.