The vertical and horizontal grid system allows for versatility within a structured environment and a wide variety of layouts. The horizontal and vertical grids provided below should be used as a template for placing and aligning text and images so that all Seattle Children’s materials have a unified look and feel.

Page Structure

Most documents are set up using a 6 column grid with 1/2″ margin around the edge of the page. This system allows for versatility within a structured environment.

Download Page Grids

Download horizontal grid architecture template 1 (.PDF) Download vertical grid architecture template 2 (.PDF)


The gray boxes above indicate sample type and photo positioning and do not represent a specific page layout. The sample on the right indicates the need to stay within the grid lines.

Design Elements of the Page

Bleed, Margins and Gutters: The elements must not bleed in any page structure, as the Seattle Children’s brand does not allow imagery or text to bleed off the page. A preferred margin around the edge of the page is 1/2″. Gutter space between text on the grid should be a minimum of 1 pica width. Chiclet: In the Children’s brand a “chiclet” is a graphic element that always has rounded corners with a 6-point radius (see the Rounded Corners guidelines). It can be used as a header bar that extends across the page, or used in a smaller format as a rectangle (see below right). One example of use is the header bar at the top of the Branding Guidelines pages.