Fonts and Typography

Acceptable Usage

An important part of the Seattle Children’s graphic identity is the use of clean, consistent typography. These typefaces should be used for Seattle Children’s newsletters, brochures, advertisements, reports, certificates, flyers, invitations and publications.

The way fonts and typography are used are also important to Seattle Children’s branding. With rare exceptions (that should be approved by Brand and Production), Children’s typography style should be Sentence Case. This means that headlines should start with a capital letter, with subsequent words starting in lower-case letter, unless they are a proper noun. If there is a colon in the headline, the series is restarted, with the first word after the colon being capitalized and subsequent words in lower-case.

“ALL CAPS” give the impression that you are screaming at the reader, and that’s not the impression we want to leave with our clients. Exclamation marks (which give the same effect) are also not part of our usual brand.


Correct: For not-quite-emergencies and can’t-wait-’til-tomorrows.

Correct: Until cancer ends, our work continues.

Correct: Our goal: Lifelong remission.


Incorrect: HOPE. CARE. CURE.



Gotham can be used for headlines, subheads, body copy and sign-off copy. The smallest recommended size for this typeface is 5 point. Please use the Gotham core fonts, a set of eight fonts that includes everything from light to bold. The Ultra and Condensed versions are not allowed.

Fonts - Gotham

Primary for (use only in body copy)

Minion can be used for body copy only. The preferred font size for body copy is 11 point. The smallest recommended size for this typeface is 5.5 point.

Fonts - Minion

Alternate Fonts Pair

If you don’t have access to the Gotham and Minion typeface families, you may substitute the fonts Arial for Gotham and Georgia for Minion, but only on internal materials such as flyers, memos, etc.

Fonts - Arial / Georgia

How to Obtain Gotham Font

For Employees: If you need to have Gotham installed on your desktop computer please submit an IS Help Desk work ticket.

Designers and Other Vendors

If you are working with us on a project, please make sure you have access to Gotham, Minion, Arial and Georgia fonts. Note that Seattle Children’s is unable to provide you with our fonts due to our licensing agreements.