Over the years, Marketing and Communications has developed a preferred style for the punctuation and use of many titles and terms used throughout Seattle Children’s. In conjunction with our preferred style, we use the Associated Press style, which is considered the authoritative word for journalists on the rules of grammar, punctuation and usage. For medical references, we use Stedman’s Medical Dictionary for spelling of all diseases, disorders, syndromes, etc.

The Associated Press Stylebook can be purchased at major bookstores or ordered through the Associated Press, AP News features, 50 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020; it is also available as an online resource. Visit the Associated Press Stylebook.

Below is an alphabetical listing of style guidelines as they are applied when writing about Children’s.

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Web-specific header guidelines for seattlechildrens.org
  • For page titles, use title case. Example: “Drowning Prevention and Water Safety for All Ages”
  • For paragraph headers (H2), use title case unless the heading is in the form of a question . Example: “Have Fun and Be Safe” but “Can you have fun and be safe?”
  • For accordion expandable headers, use sentence case with no period. Example: “Our approach means fewer surgeries”
  • For paragraph sub-heads (H3), use sentence case with no period. Example: “Find a CCTR faculty member by last name”
  • For “right-nav module” headers (modules featured in the right column), use title case. Example: “Passion for Prevention”
  • For “call to action” links at the end of a content blurb, whether in the left or right column, use sentence case with no period. Example: “Download a donation form”; “Start a guild”; “Donate a vehicle”
  • For buttons, use title case. Example: “Learn More” button at the bottom of the right-nav “Passion for Prevention” module.

Work-up (noun)

Two words connected by a hyphen

Example: She documented the complete work-up.