Via the MarComm Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Self-Serve Document

Q: How do I request support from MarComm for a quick task or a larger project?

A: We’re here to help—simply fill out a support request. We consider a task to be a quick question or work that takes less than a couple of hours to complete. If you need help with a more complex project, we ask that you fill out a creative brief and submit it with your request. The creative brief is a helpful tool that helps you think through the details of what you need, the goals you’d like to accomplish, etc. You’ll find a link to the brief when you fill out your support request. If you are unsure which team you need to contact, provide as much information as possible and our team will triage and assign the work to the appropriate representative.

Q: How can I conduct surveys/get help with market research?

A: For consumer research requests please fill out a “consumer research” support request to schedule an initial consultation regarding your project. Due to demand and bandwidth, please reach out at least two months in advance if you are requesting that the Marketing Research team design, launch, and analyze your project.