Color Palette

The color palette communicates a unified voice that helps the audience identify Seattle Children’s media and collateral at a glance.

Seattle Children’s colors are vibrant, fun and full of energy. The colors below are used for all collateral for the Hospital, Research and Foundation. No other colors, including variations or gradations of these colors, may be used. Although the look and feel of the palette is colorful, materials do not have to include a lot of colors. And indeed, the 314 Blue and 158 Orange used in our logo, should be the predominant colors for any project. For color use, less is more. Use white space as the primary “color” on your projects.


  • The CMYK and RGB formulas on this page are from the Pantone Color Bridge Uncoated book.
  • As inks, papers and monitors differ; these formulas are intended as a starting point.
  • For pieces to be viewed on a monitor (Web pages and PowerPoint presentations), the Pantone colors should be simulated with RGB (red, green and blue).
  • For print, colors should be produced using spot colors (inks mixed to match Pantone standards) or by using cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK).
  • Please work with your print professional to match Pantone standards as closely as possible.

Download Seattle Children’s Color Palette