Business Cards, Letterhead and Other Stationery

Seattle Children’s stationery (including standard and personalized and/or departmental letterhead, envelopes, business cards and mailing labels) and thank you cards can be viewed and ordered online via OfficeDepot.

Each department should have a designated “super user” who orders corporate stationery for their department online; this is usually the group’s program/administrative assistant. If no one in your group has a login, or you’d like to be able to order items yourself, use the Office Max link below to request access. You will receive an email with your login information once the setup is complete.

OfficeDepot Website


Sample of the Business Card

Business Card

Fax Cover

To customize the phone number, fax number or return for a different location, select and download files below.

Letterhead Templates: Electronic Versions

Please note: You will need to customize  electronic versions with your telephone and fax numbers at the bottom. Save a copy of the document to your hard drive. Open it in Word, and double-click number area to make the changes.  Double-click below the Header dotted line, and then save it again.

To download the letterhead template that you can print from your department’s printer, visit the MarComm site on CHILD. Make sure to customize the information in the letterhead (telephone number, fax number) before you print. Double-click on the numbers 000-000-0000 next to TEL to change them.

Seattle Children’s Standard Letterhead

Download Black & White Letterhead

Download Letterhead

Download Multiple Letterhead-Blank Pages

Seattle Children’s Department Letterhead

Download Black & White Department Letterhead

Download Department Letterhead

Seattle Children Research Institute Standard Letterhead

Download Seattle Children’s Research Institute Letterhead – Color

Download Seattle Children’s Research Institute Letterhead – Black & White

Conference Badge Label Templates

When using the Badge Label Templates you will need to use Avery 8-up label #5395 which you can order through Lawson.

Download Black & White Badge Label Template

Download Color Badge Label Template

If you have questions about any of these templates please email

Mail Services and Mailing Labels

Mail Services provides all USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, DHL and interdepartmental mail processing services for Children’s.

Location: main hospital campus
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Receiving: ext. 7-3877
Mail Services: ext. 7-2099

Need a shipping label?

Download or print a mailing label (available on Intranet only)

Download or print a 6-up label sheet (available on Intranet only)

Contact  Receiving and Mail Services (available on Intranet only)