Understanding the Seattle Children’s Brand

Here is a quick snapshot of the basic elements of the Seattle Children’s brand. Click on the links to find out more.

  1. Use the Seattle Children’s logo correctly. The “whalemark” can be used by itself in certain circumstances, but only when the entire logo has already been used.
  2. Use Gotham font (Arial is acceptable only if Gotham is not available).
  3. Use only colors from the Seattle Children’s brand palette.
  4. “Bleeds,” that is, continuing a photo or color to the edge of the paper is preferred, but may not always be possible.
  5. Copy blocks should be “flush left.” That is, all blocks of type should be flat on the left side and break naturally (ragged) on the right side.
  6. Copy block format – the first line of copy does not indent, subsequent first lines of paragraphs do indent. There are no spaces between paragraphs, only between sections. (There may be some exceptions to this rule to allow for space, clarity or medium).

This sample of our identity design elements offers an idea of how our branding elements are used in our printed materials and publications. View all of the Graphic Guidelines and Standards for more ways to ensure that your printed materials clearly communicate the unique brand vocabulary and visual identity of Seattle Children’s.

Sample: Connection Magazine