Using the campaign logo:

  • All gifts to Seattle Children’s count toward the campaign goal, so the campaign logo can be applied to any fundraising materials. The publication does not need to focus on the campaign to include the logo.
  • The campaign logo does not replace Seattle Children’s logo; both logos should be used on materials. Refer to the Seattle Children’s logo guidelines for more details about how to use that logo.
  • The campaign logo must remain intact; it cannot be broken apart or used as a standalone graphic.
  • In year one (2018), the campaign logo should be supported with campaign messaging within the text of the piece. In 2019 and beyond, the supporting language is no longer necessary.


Primary Logo Clear Space

Preserve a minimum clear space around all sides of the logo when placing it in a layout. The size of the clear space changes relative to the size of the logo—it should be equal to the X-height of the “R” in “STARTS.”


Logo Minimum Size

The minimum size for the logo is 1/2 inch tall in print. Any smaller than that and legibility will be compromised.




File Formats

EPS is the preferred file format. Because these are vector-based files, they are scalable and generally provide the best reproduction in print. They should be used on all professionally printed pieces.

PNG and JPEG files are most often used in digital media, such as websites and PowerPoint. PNG files are transparent so that they can be placed over non-white backgrounds.


Colors and Backgrounds

The logo can be used in solids and reversed in the Seattle Children’s colors only.


Primary Colors

The primary colors are used most often to build a consistent brand look.













Logo Color Breakout



Color Models

The CMYK printing process blends four basic ink colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) to create the rainbow of colors that we use on a daily basis in print executions such as newspapers, magazines and office printouts. This is the most common and economical way to print.

RGB and Hex values are screen proxies for digital and web applications. They are most commonly referred to for web design and TV screens.

Pantone® (PMS) / Spot Colors and the Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a standardized color reproduction system. Pantone colors are premixed color inks with corresponding reference numbers. By standardizing these colors, any printer can match a color using a Pantone swatch book.


Using yes and Seattle Children’s logos together:

  • Use both logos whenever possible to ensure the campaign and organization connection is made.
  • When space allows, separate the campaign and Children’s logos to give each its own area (corner/corner, top/bottom, etc.)
  • Do not create a traditional lockup logo with the Children’s and campaign logos side by side.
  • The campaign logo can be contained in a chiclet when necessary for readability or graphic clarity. The best options are a color logo on a white chiclet or a reverse (white) logo on color.


Campaign Logo Downloads

Please contact Foundation and Guild Marketing ( if you have any questions, or need any other logo formats not provided here.