The campaign can be referred to three different ways

  • It Starts With Yes: The Campaign for Seattle Children’s
    Use the whole campaign name and capitalize all words but “for” on first reference in all materials.
  • It Starts With Yes
    Use this shortened version on second reference for internal and external materials. Continue to capitalize all words in the campaign name.
  • The campaign/Yes campaign
    Use these even shorter versions on second reference for internal materials, or when the context of an external piece is clear. If there are other campaigns (e.g., ALL IN campaign) mentioned in the same text, use Yes campaign for clarity.

How to treat the campaign name in text

  • The word “for” is capitalized in the logo as a graphic treatment, but is lowercase in other text.
  • Always capitalize the W in With: It Starts With Yes
  • Do not italicize, bold, put in quotations or use all caps when using full campaign name or subsequent references in running text.
  • It Starts With YES: The Campaign for Seattle Children’s.
    Use orange color and caps treatment on yes in a design piece where visual impact is needed. However, yes should only be orange and capitalized as a graphic callout – and only in headlines or subheads, not paragraph text.