It’s been said that an organization’s brand is what people say about it when its employees are not around.

Our brand is the story of how our community perceives the contributions of our organization. And we’re fortunate that we have a great story to tell. Seattle Children’s has been a highly respected provider of pediatric healthcare in the Pacific Northwest for more than 100 years. Almost everyone who has lived in our area for any length of time has a personal story that links them back to our hospital. We rely on this place of honor in the hearts and minds of our community to help us achieve our goals.

These brand guidelines are for everyone who creates materials that are intended to reflect the unique identity of Seattle Children’s. The consistent use of identity elements – such as our logo, our colors, our style of photography and especially our voice – enables people to quickly recognize Seattle Children’s when they see our signage, our website, our advertisements and all the other materials we create.

Please note that separate but unique guidelines exist for the It Starts With Yes: The Campaign for Seattle Children’s. Those guidelines can be found under a separate section of this toolkit.

Your diligence in using these standards will help reinforce people’s association with Seattle Children’s and with our brand attributes of being progressive, compassionate, collaborative, expert, philanthropic, open-minded, welcoming, and of course, having a focus on pediatrics. This strengthens the connection between Seattle Children’s and our community.

Thank you for using these guidelines in your work and helping make Seattle Children’s stand above the crowd.

Best regards,

The Brand Development Team

PS. If you have any questions regarding the guidelines or suggested updates, please contact the Brand Team at